Addicted to Media?

We are in a series called the 7 series at our church and we are challenging our youth group students to participate along with the congregation. It all has to do with creating margins in our lives for kingdom living. Each week has a different focus and then there are 7 challenges each week that we are encouraging our students to do with us. The 1st week was on clothes, 2nd week was on food, and this week is on MEDIA! (How ironic is it that I am posting about media through the use of media?)


Instead of having students attempt to stop using all forms of media “cold turkey”, we as a youth staff decided to incorporate ways our students can use media for good + offer ways to limit the everyday use of media.

The 7 challenges for this week are:

1. Have the last text or message you send before bed be an encouraging one to someone you haven’t talked to in a while

2. When an inappropriate song comes on the radio, turn the station

3. Choose one social media site to not check for the week

4. Watch TV only with other people

5. Try to go 1 day without telling lies

6. Cut out 30 minutes of media (TV, phone, internet) and use that half-hour for good (play with siblings, read a book, talk a walk outside)

7. Watch a meaningful movie with family or friends and talk about it (here’s some of our favorites: To Save a Life, Radio, Chasing Mavericks, Remember the Titans, UP, Facing the Giants, Evan Almighty, Pursuit of Happiness)

My favorite is #1 and I can’t wait to send an encouraging text to some friends I haven’t talked to in a while! I am also looking forward to doing many of these myself and limiting my use of social media this week in an attempt to spend more time with God and with people!

I would encourage those reading to try these challenges for this week!

Here’s a fantastic yet convicting video on our addiction to phones: