Can the Youth Pastor do it all?


After wanting to be a youth pastor for much of my college life, I often wondered, “What exactly is the role of a youth pastor?” Is the role of the youth pastor to be…

  1. the always energetic and super fun person everyone wants to be around
  2. the main spiritual development person in the lives of the youth
  3. responsible for the spiritual growth of the youth
  4. the supervisor and “baby-sitter” of the youth
  5. a Christian role model and mentor to youth
  6. attending student’s extra-curricular events and going to student lunches

I believe parents, youth, and the church might have differing expectations on what the role of the youth pastor actually is. In order for discipleship to happen in the lives of our youth, parents and youth pastors must partner together in teaching our youth what it looks like to follow Christ. Youth Pastors can’t simply expect parents to do all of the discipling at home, and parents can’t expect the Youth Pastors to “fix” their kids for 1-2 hours each week. There must be a partnership where parents and youth pastors collaborate and work together in the process of helping our youth become disciples.

I found this blogpost to be quite helpful:

I will leave you with this quote: “When you make disciples, you always get the church. When you make the church, you don’t always get disciples.”